Standing Stock Horse Foal, Grey Appaloosa -Bald-Faced Version (body)

Standing Stock Horse Foal, Grey Appaloosa -Bald-Faced Version (body)


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The Stock Horse Foal wore this pretty color coat only from 1983 - 1986.  He is done in a soft pewter grey with black points, mane and tail and darker grey splatter spots.  This is a fun mold for those who enjoy variations, because not only do they vary widely in their Appy spot patterns, but this release has been found with bald faces, stars, and solid faces.

This fellow is the bald-faced version.  He is in Body condition with a broken right ear, what looks like a smudge of superglue on his left flank and a few rubs.  He'd love the opportunity to be customized and made handsome!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #234

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