Stock Horse Family, Perppercorn Appaloosa - JC Penney SR

Stock Horse Family, Perppercorn Appaloosa - JC Penney SR


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This neat family was a Special Run through JC Penney for the holidays in 1986.  They were produced in this soft bay with Peppercorn Appaloosa spots.  

The Stock Horse Stallion is Near Mint with just a pinpoint eartip rub!  He features warm body shading at his flanks and elbows and lots of chestnut Appy spots. 

The Stock Horse Mare is in Excellent condition but displays beautifully.  She is marked down for pinpoint eartip rubs and for a line of little black marks on the left side of her neck that blend in with her Appy spots on normal display.  (Up close, though, you realize they're black, not brown.)  These appear to be caused by a kick from her foal, since Breyer wasn't known for wrapping them well before boxing all three horses together.

Their Action Stock Horse Foal is also Near Mint with only one pinpoint eartip rub and possibly mild yellowing in his socks… There's a lot of fine, grey overspray from his stockings and hooves in the socks, so they naturally look less white than they would otherwise. 

The family came to us together, and are in great condition, so we're keeping them together. 

The stallion is  Near Mint with a tiny scuffy rub on his left hindquarter, three pinpoint rubs on his left side, and a little gathering of pinpoint rubs on his right hindquarter, only visible on close inspection, as well as tiny muzzle and eartip rubs.  He features warm shading at his elbows and flanks, plus inner ear and muzzle shading.

Mare is Near Mint with a tiny light rub under her right belly and a group of pinpoint rubs on her left barrel and hindquarter, only visible on close inspection, as well as tiny eartip and hoof edge rubs.   She features blended chestnut shading on her face, nostril and inner ear shading and bright whites.

Their colt is Near Mint with a couple of pinpoint rubs near the dock of his tail and a few on his chest, along with tiny eartip and hoof edge rubs.  He features muzzle and inner ear shading.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712459

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