Stock Horse Mare, Bay Pinto - Early, Raised Leg Version!

Stock Horse Mare, Bay Pinto - Early, Raised Leg Version!


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This pretty mare was only made from 1982-1988.  She sports a warm bay pinto coat with four socks.  The first batch Breyer made in 1982 had their foreleg raised off the ground.  These proved tippy, so they retooled the mold to have the toe of that foot touching the ground for the rest of this release and all future releases.

This lady is the very hard to find, original, raised-leg version!  She is Near Mint with a tiny ear edge and pinpoint ear tip rubs, plus a couple of pinpoint hoof edge rubs.  She has a couple of specks in her plastic as always, and she shows mild yellowing, which you can reverse by sunbathing her for a few days.  She's a neat girl, with the early raised foreleg and light sooty leg joint shading, along with grey muzzle shading and unglossed eyes.  She does not stand - Her right hind foot doesn't touch the ground.  You could bring it down with a warm hair dryer, or use a prop.  Because she's going to remain tippy, we recommend Museum Putty or a Horse Safety Rack to keep her safely upright. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #230

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