Stock Horse Mare, Black Appaloosa - Raised Leg Version w/Box

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The Stock Horse Mare wore this blanket Appaloosa coat from 1982 - 1988.  She has a black body with four socks over grey feet, a masked blanket with splatter spots, and a short stripe.  Only models made the first year sport a raised front leg.  They were deemed too tippy and the leg was lowered so the toe touches the ground beginning in 1983.

This raised-foot model is hard to score…  Her body and face are clean with no rubs seen, only moderate yellowing that you can correct with a few days of sunbathing.  She's a bit dusty and there are two small dull spots in her finish (either touch-ups or missing finish).  They're not noticeable except on close inspection.  Her feet and lower legs are the challenge.  I believe her hooves have had clear nail polish added to gloss them and her socks may have had overspray removed.  She displays beautifully, but because of the possibility that she has been altered, she's being marked down some.  She's still a great example of the earliest production of this mold, before the front foot was lowered.  She wears no USA mark, and even comes with her original box, which has only very slight wear to the front.  Side corner seams have split and two were taped.  Model and box were stored in a young lady's bedroom closet for almost thirty years and may have a faint perfume scent.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #233