Stock Horse Mare, Sorrel w/ Original Box & Brochure


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The Stock Horse Mare was only made in this deep red sorrel from 1983-1986.  She wears a lighter mane and tail, one hind sock, and a thin stripe.  We were lucky enough to receive this girl with her original cardboard box and a 1984 brochure.

This mare is in Excellent condition with pinpoint ear tip rubs and pinpoint box rubs on her hips and barrel, which are almost invisible.  She has a very uneven finish, which ranges from completely matte on areas of her hind legs to semi-glossy on her front legs and chest.  (I originally thought she might have been Pledged, but recently saw another with the same type of finish on eBay.)  Her body is matte/satin, which shows off her gorgeous shading.  She features the most beautiful shading I've seen on this release, with a dark head and neck.  If they all had shading like this, she'd be a much more popular mold!  She also features a neat hind sock, which extends to her hock on the outside.  She comes with her original cardboard box and a 1984 brochure.  Box shows yellowing but only minor wear.  A price was written on the bottom left corner of the front panel.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #227