Stock Horse Stallion, Bay Pinto - JC Penney SR

Stock Horse Stallion, Bay Pinto - JC Penney SR


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He may remind you of a Regular Run, and that's intentional.  Breyer released the Stock Horse Mare and Action Stock Horse Foal in bay pinto as part of their regular line-up, but the stallion they included was a black pinto.  JC Penney got the honor of completing the set in 1984 by offering this guy in their holiday catalog.  He is a red bay pinto to match the RR mare and foal, with the same pinto pattern as the RR black pinto stallion.  He has four socks under black knees and hocks and a solid face.  Being an early single-year release, he's one of the harder ones to find on this mold.

This fellow is in Excellent condition in need of a bath and sunbathing.  The only rub seen on inspection was a tiny one inside his left hind leg.  He has lots of pinpoint specks which may clean off with a bath, or may be in his finish (some are definitely overspray from mane paint), and mild yellowing, which will need sunbathing time to correct.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #none assigned

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