Stock Horse Stallion, Black Pinto w/Box VARIATION: One Sock B Stamp

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The Stock Horse Stallion wore this bold Tobiano Pinto coat from 1981 - 1988.  He has a solid black face and usually sports four socks.  Some, however, during the "B" stamp era, were given just one front sock, and this is one of that small group.

This fellow is in Excellent condition with pinpoint eartip rubs, tiny rubs on his left gaskin, right shoulder and right barrel, a few small black marks that may clean off, and mild yellowing that can be corrected with a few days in the sunshine.  He features detailed, neat masking on his markings, including his variation one front sock which is masked.  He wears no USA mark but is a B stamp model. He comes with his original picture box, although the box itself isn't in great shape.  It has writing on it (this model isn't broken, so not sure what it was used for in the past) and a small tear in the front.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #232