Stock Horse Stallion, Black Pinto - B-Stamp

Stock Horse Stallion, Black Pinto - B-Stamp


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The Stock Horse Stallion wore this bold Tobiano Pinto coat from 1981 - 1988.  He has a solid black face, four socks, and lots of white.

This fellow is Near Mint, with just two tiny muzzle rubs and a tiny hoof edge rub!  He shows mild yellowing, which you can reverse by sunbathing him for a few days.  He features neatly masked markings with great edge detail.  He also sports a B-stamp, and is the only B-stamp model we've seen on this release to have four socks.  They are usually the one-sock variation... So, is he a variation on the variation?  Really neat guy!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #232

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