Stock Horse Stallion, Dappled Sorrel w/ Rosette - JC Penney SR


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This neat color on the Stock Horse Stallion mold was only made for JC Penney's holiday catalog in 1995.  The set was called Racehorses of America, and included three of the breeds most often raced in the US: a Thoroughbred, a Standardbred, and this Quarter Horse.  The set came with a neck rosette for the winner to wear.  He is a warm dappled sorrel with three socks and a stripe.

This fellow is in Excellent condition with some pinpoint rubs and a few dark specks that will probably come off.  He features tons of tiny dapples, more like roan speckling, muzzle shading and subtle muzzle pinking at the bottom of his stripe.  His stripe seems to have some yellowing (but his socks don't) which you can fix by letting him sunbathe for a few days.  He even comes with the rosette from the set!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #710295