Stock Horse Stallion ~ DZ Weedo

Stock Horse Stallion ~ DZ Weedo


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DZ Weedo, known lovingly as Odie, is a multi-time National and World Champion Appaloosa in Western Riding and Trail.  He has since become a world class sire with many of his offspring winning championships of their own.  Odie sports a smoky dun coat with a spotted blanket, dorsal stripe, and three socks.

[DZ Weedo; photo source, Pinterest]


Breyer honored DZ Weedo with this portrait model in 2008-2009.  Most pretty faithfully recreate his complicated coat pattern, but some have been found that are missing either the peppercorn spots on his forequarters or even spots on his blanket.

This fellow is Near Mint with possibly a pinpoint eartip rub, but we think it's just painted lighter right there.  Marked down for very slight yellowing, which you can correct by sunbathing him for a day or two.  He features faint roaning on his shoulders, along with muzzle shading and an adorable pink snip.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1315

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