Stock Horse Stallion, Grey - JC Penney SR 1984


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This beautiful light grey Stock Horse Stallion was only available through JC Penney's Holiday Catalog in 1984, making him a hard one to find! 

This fellow is in Excellent condition with a scattering of tiny marks.  There's a tiny dirty smudge on his left shoulder than may wash off.  Someone tried to scrub off a mark on his left barrel and left a rub around it… I'm guessing they didn't realize he has faint grey shading and thought he was white until it started coming off.  Happily, they didn't go any further.  Regarding his coloring, he is described as "rose alabaster," one of only a few Breyer made in this color...  He appears alabaster with grey shading that has yellowed, but in actuality, it is intentional warm "rose" shading mixed with the grey in places.  He has very little of it, but it is most noticeable in his tail. 

He also appears to either be chalky plastic, though I can't be positive.  His whites are very even and opaque... but again, that could be an illusion because he has faint grey shading over most of him and a super matte finish.  Anyway, he's not show quality, but he is beautiful to display! 

You nearly never see these for sale these days, so here's a rare opportunity to snag one!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #none assigned

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