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Trick-riding group The Trixie Chicks put on a crazy show for audiences around the world with their amazing horse-back stunts.  They have a whole team of gorgeous horses, which they dress up with colored stripes in their tails and glittery "brands" on their rumps to match their colorful costumes.  One of the most colorful of the group is King, a palomino pinto American Paint Horse.  King not only performs with them at events; he is also a favorite lesson horse for riders to learn tricks with.


Breyer's portrait model is a rich palomino pinto (we've edited the color in Breyer’s photo - the unboxed model - to more closely match those we received.  In-box models are of models we received) with a glittery blue Breyer design on his rump, just like the glittery designs the Trixie Chicks horses wear during performances!  He was only available in 2018-2019.

These are straight from the manufacturer to us, still in their sealed boxes.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1803