Stock Horse Stallion, Peppercorn Appaloosa - JCP SR

Stock Horse Stallion, Peppercorn Appaloosa - JCP SR


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In this 1986 Special Run for JC Penney, the whole Stock Horse family got to wear this unique coat pattern.  Called Peppercorn Appaloosa, they are Appys with no white on their bodies.  A pretty, light coffee colored body is accented with darker splatter spots.  The stallion wears solid legs and a short blaze.

This fellow is Near Mint with five tiny light rubs on his left side, mostly only through the shading layer, and pinpoint eartip rubs.  He shows only slight yellowing in his stripe, which could be brightened up by a few days of sunbathing.  He has a lot of depth in his coloring and his spots stand out better than on some of these.  


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712459

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