Stock Horse Stallion ~ Shane, American Ranch Horse

Stock Horse Stallion ~ Shane, American Ranch Horse


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Oh, poor Shane!  Jokingly referred to as "Breyer's green roan," many from this release were done in an unfortunate slightly warm tint which made him unpopular when he was originally released in 1995-1996.  Those that have a NICE blue roan color are harder to find, and sought-after.   He wears a speckled roan body with darker head, legs, mane and tail, two hind socks, and a masked stripe.  He sports the Rocking B Ranch brand on his left shoulder.

This fellow is Near Mint with a pinpoint eartip rub and a small area on each side of his barrel that has light tan staining and speckles… They're both faint enough that you have to be looking at him closely to see them, and they may clean off.  He displays beautifully, with lots of speckles, a shaded face, muzzle pinking and bright whites.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #938

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