Stretch Morgan, Bay - VARIATION: Eye Whites

Stretch Morgan, Bay - VARIATION: Eye Whites


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This hard-to-find guy is one of the original colors for the Show-Stance or Stretch Morgan.  He wears a a bay coat with front socks and a bald face.  He was only produced from 1965-1971.

This fellow is in Excellent condition in need of a bath.  He has a couple of silver and white specks, along with some general dirty specks that should clean off with a bath.  He also carries a light scattering of pinpoint rubs, plus tiny hoof edge and eartip rubs.  He's a beauty, though!  His color ranges from charcoal sooty shading up through light chocolate to white highlights... His depth of coloring is amazing.  He features an extensive white face with white inner ears, nostril shading, and eye whites.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #49

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