Stud Spider ~ High Tower

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High Tower was a Quarter Horse / Thoroughbred cross who was given to movie horse trainer Rex Peterson when the colt was two.  While working on his ranch, Rex discovered his level-headedness and movie star potential.  Having just roped an escaped bull from High Tower's back, the rope got caught between the horse's forelegs and the bull dragged him 50 or 60 feet.  High Tower showed no signs of being bothered by this unexpected and frightening event, and Rex realized he had potential beyond ranch work.

High Tower became a renowned movie star who appeared in films including "Black Beauty," "Sgt. Bilko,"  and "Princess Diaries II,"  and "Runaway Bride," in which star Julia Roberts insisted on riding no other horse but him, so production was held up until he finished another movie and was flown to the set.  He is best known, however, for his starring role as Pilgrim, the crippled horse in the hit movie "The Horse Whisperer."  He lived out his life happily on the Peterson ranch, and Breyer honored him with this portrait model released for just two years to coincide with "The Horse Whisperer."

This fellow is still New In Box, attached with his original ties.  I slid the outer cover off to provide you with a photo free of reflections, then closed him back up again.  His right hind leg seems bent inward slightly.  If so, a warm hair dryer will allow you to correct that when you free him from his box. He also comes with his original 2001 brochure and hangtag.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1112