Stud Spider, Overo Paint - B-Stamp

Stud Spider, Overo Paint - B-Stamp


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Here's an interesting fellow for variation collectors!  #88, the Overo Paint on Stud Spider, has three different known patterns.  This fellow represents the earliest of them, made, we believe, only in 1979.  The other two patterns seem to have appeared in 1980.  On his right side, he has a smaller neck marking, three small, distinct withers markings, and no spot at the top of his forelegs.

He is Near Mint and only marked down for one pinpoint eartip rub!  He has a tiny unpainted spot on the seam under his jaw, only visible if you turn him upside down.  He features bright whites, sooty muzzle shading and unglossed eyes.  He is a B-stamp model, with the lovely paint job that usually accompanies B-Stamp models.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #88

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