Stud Spider (shrinky)

Stud Spider (shrinky)


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Stud Spider was bred and owned by actor James Brolin.  He had a successful racing career in California and was honored with a Breyer portrait model on a brand-new mold in 1978.  I believe it also marked the first time Breyer used masked Appy spots rather than splatter spots.  He is a black blanket Appaloosa with large spots, a right front sock, and an "S" shaped star.

~ Stud Spider ~


This fellow is Near Mint without any rubs or marks seen!  He's a shrinky, which is his only mark-down…  His plastic has condensed pretty evenly, so he's still rather handsome, but when it condenses, the whites become more of a cream color.  This isn't regular yellowing, it's a symptom of being shrinky.  His right hind leg has also bent inward slightly, but he still stands well.  His star is still bright white and neatly masked, and he features some really pretty ghosting on the spots nearest his tail.  We recommend always displaying him on an open air shelf.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #66


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