Studebaker Fringe-Top Surrey (Classic 1:12 Scale)

Curtis Anderson

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This beautiful fringe-top Surrey is modeled on the Studebaker carriage.  Its body is made of hardwood, just like the real thing, with lots of special details.  The seats are quilted leather, the axles are metal, and both the roof and floor include a waterproof covering to protect both carriage and passengers on rainy days. 

This carriage would have been used by wealthy families for family outings, and indeed, if you check inside the wooden chest on the boot, you'll find a picnic basket, cheese board, and a bottle of wine.  It looks like we're heading to the countryside for a picnic! 

The shafts were made to fit a Classic/Freedom Series horse (the new Brabant was used as the model and would make a beautiful hitch horse for this carriage).  The gold fringe sparkles in the sun, echoed by the brass fixtures on the chest and the rein keepers on the dash.  The wheels are fixed to prevent your carriage from rolling away, but the steering mechanism works so you can position it as you like, as does the whiffletree. 

Everything except the picnic accessories was made by wagonsmith Curt Anderson... Even the wheels, which he carefully added a bit of "rust" and "road dirt" to for realism.  For easy transport, the front axle/whiffletree/shaft assembly can be removed from the vehicle, allowing you to fit it into a smaller box and keep those shafts safe.  It goes back together simply by running a peg on the "whifftrax" (Curt's term for this setup he created!) into a hole in wagon body.  Very clever and invisible to observers.  You are going to love this carriage and it will get a lot of attention at shows, as everyone admires the silky curves of the passenger compartment matched to the curve of the seat backs and side steps.  They'll be intrigued by the wooden chest on the boot, so you may position it cracked open to allow them to peek inside at whatever accessories you add.  The name Studebaker is printed on the front dashboard and the body is clear-coated in elegant gloss, befitting the well-to-do family who will take it for a drive.

 [Horses not included.]


Size:  Classic Scale

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