Tennessee Walking Horse, Dark Blue Roan - WCHE SR 1500 Made

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World Champion Horse Equipment commissioned a series of Special Run Tennessee Walkers, one per year from 1996-2001. The fourth in the series is this exquisite blue roan.  He wears a deep grey, roan-speckled coat, hind socks, a masked blaze, and red ribbons.  Only 1500 were made and they were each hand-numbered under their belly.  Of all the WCHE models in the series, this is the hardest one to find.  They rarely come up for sale because their unique coloring makes them keepers!

This guy is Near Mint with a couple of tiny scratches on top of his upraised forearm, only visible from above.  His whites are bright, his dark roan coat is lovely, and he is hand-numbered #1000/1500 under his belly.   He stands pretty well on his own, but we strongly recommend using Museum Putty for all releases on this tippy mold.


Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #701097