Tennessee Walking Horse ~ Memphis Storm


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The Tennessee Walking Horse mold debuted as a portrait of the famous stallion Midnight Sun.  In this release he is done in a deep, glossy charcoal brown with white mane and tail and airbrushed bald face, reminiscent of the vintage charcoals.  He features hand-painted tri-color eyes and red-on-yellow ribbons.  He was made only in 1992 and limited to 7500 pieces.

This fellow is in Excellent condition with some slight overspray from his body onto the underside of his tail... It looks like intentional shading so it doesn't display as a flaw.  He has pinpoint grey paint specks on his left side which are barely noticeable and probably can be removed. He is very slightly yellowed.  His eyes and ribbons are beautifully painted and his body has highlights.  He is number 2671/7500.  Like all models on this mold, he needs help to stand. Museum Putty works great! 


Size: Traditional
Breyer Model #854