Tennessee Walking Horse ~ Memphis Storm, Low Serial #


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The Tennessee Walking Horse mold debuted as a portrait of the famous stallion Midnight Sun.  In this release he is done in a deep, glossy charcoal brown with white mane and tail and airbrushed bald face, reminiscent of the vintage charcoals.  He features hand-painted tri-color eyes and red-on-yellow ribbons.  He was the hand-numbered Commemorative Edition for 1992 and limited to 7500 pieces.

This fellow is in Factory Mint condition.  His whites are bright, his finish is super glossy.  He features tri-eyes, muzzle and inner ear pinking and a low serial number, which is hard to read but appears to be 380/7500.  He stands well unlike most models on this mold, but we recommend Museum Putty for insurance, because it wouldn't take much to tip him. 

He comes with his original box.  It's the best of both worlds - You get the model with his original box, but he's been removed and fully inspected so there are no surprises!  The box isn't in great condition, though, so if you'd rather we discard it and ship him without it, just let us know.  (If shipping costs less without his box, we'll refund any overpayment.) 


Size: Traditional
Breyer Model #854