Texas Longhorn Bull ~ Mesquite - Breyerfest SR

Texas Longhorn Bull ~ Mesquite - Breyerfest SR


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Color, color, color!  This bull has it all!  He's a dappled rose grey grulla pinto with highlights around his eyes and muzzle, four socks, and striped horns... Dapples, patches, and stripes, oh my!  What a handsome boy!  Oh, and did I mention all of this is highlighted by a lovely high-gloss finish?  Mesquite was only available at Breyerfest 2001 and only 700 were made, making him as hard to find as he is stunning.

This guy is Factory Mint and keeper of all the colors!  He features rosy shading, tiny, blended roan speckling, crisp pinto markings, a bold dorsal stripe with Mary's Cross marking, striped horns and face striping with chestnut eye and muzzle shading.  All of this under a gorgeous glossy finish!


Size:  Traditional

Model #710501

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