Mesteno's Mother and Mesteno the Foal ~ The Dawning Gift Set

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Two Classic Mustangs from the Mesteno series -- This set shows Mesteno as a colt with his dam.  He is a rich gold color, while she is a soft, creamy gold with black points.

They're a sweet pair, and both are in Factory Mint condition.  The mare features "stringy" mane paint, a hand-airbrushed style pretty much unique to some mares in this release.  This is a complete set:They come with their original box, box insert, and hangtag!  With this set, you get the best of both worlds: The complete set with their packaging, but no worries about whether there are box rubs or other condition issues on their off-sides, because they've been removed from the box and inspected! 


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #4810