Thelwell's Kipper

Thelwell's Kipper


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Breyer planned to introduce a series of ponies based on the famous Thelwell cartoons.  Three were shown in the catalog: Kipper, Pumpkin and Midget, but only Kipper was ever publicly released.  It's believed that only around 5,000 were made.  True to the Thelwell style, she's a chunky, short-legged pony, and was the first Breyer model to have brushable hair.  She was a single-year release in 1986.

This cutie is Near Mint condition with eartip rubs and a pinpoint nostril rub. This cutie has shiny hair, neatly painted eyes, and even comes with her original box!  Their boxes were unique in the Breyer world - Plastic shells with just a cardboard bottom and back panel.  They were much larger than necessary for a cute little pony, but served as a neat display case.  The plastic has become brittle through the years, so they're now all quite fragile and most have disappeared to the trash by now.


Size:  Traditional (not really - She's a stand-alone item, but her box is roughly Traditional size)

Breyer Model #9960

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