Thoroughbred Mare Knockoff- Red Mill Mfg (Crushed Pecan Shells)

Thoroughbred Mare Knockoff- Red Mill Mfg (Crushed Pecan Shells)

Red Mill Manufacturing

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This neat piece has no maker's mark, but I recognize her as a piece made by Red Mill Mfg., out of crushed, pressed pecan shells.  She is made to appear woodgrain, she's solid, and she's heavy - almost 2 pounds!  She is obviously a copy of Breyer's Thoroughbred Mare mold (Red Mill also copied they're Lying Foal mold).    Each one is hand-stained and unique, and since they're not being made anymore, they get scarcer every year.  What a lovely conversation piece!

She was made by Red Mill Manufacturing, a business from Virginia, USA that was ahead of their time.  They recycled pecan shells, a plentiful and discarded item from that area of the country, by crushing them and using them to mold beautiful figurines that look like solid wood.  They went out of business after one of the owners passed away in 2001, so there are no more of these beautiful, polished pecan shell sculptures.  The name was sold to a business in China, but the products are not the same as these beautiful vintage pieces.

This neat mare is Factory Mint.  She shows hair detail in her mane and tail and "carving" texture over her whole body.  She wears brown felt discs under each feet to protect furniture.


Size:  Approx: 5.25" L x 4" High

Model # 277

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