Thunderbolt ~ Armoured Horse - Bravo

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Bravo is the flaxen-maned sorrel on the Thunderbolt mold, made as an armored mount in their Noble Knights series.  He is molded from sorrel colored plastic with flaxen applied to his mane, tail, muzzle and socks.  He originally wore golden armor.  He features wheels in his feet so he could be rolled along while playing.  Bravo (called Victor in the UK) was only made from 1968-1972.  The same horse was also released with the Johnny West series chuckwagon.


This fellow is in Very Good condition with small rubs in his painted areas and lots of white (and some other colors) marks over his body. No breaks, chips, splits or repairs, and the marks may clean up with Magic Eraser. 


Size: Approx 1:6 scale

Model #5371