Thunderbolt ~ Armoured Horse - Valiant (Original UK Version w/ Box!)


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Marx horses are great vintage models, made beginning in the 1950s.  They are larger than Breyer at 1:6 scale, making them sought after not only by horse lovers but also by military model enthusiasts, who often require 1:6 scale horses to match their figures and accessories.  Valiant is one of the original Marx Armoured Horses, made from 1968-1972.  He was the mount of Black Knight Sir Cedric (who was sold separately by Marx) and wears black armor to match Cedric's.

Per Marx expert Tom Heaton at The Vintage Toy Room (formerly The Marx Toy Room):  "Valiant was a U.K. exclusive armoured horse molded in gray colored HP and designed of course to compliment the Sir Cedric figure. He had 17 pieces of poly-plastic armor molded in black color. The horse was unique to the U.K.; I am unaware of other uses for this color version of the horse... Valiant is one of the most rare of the “armoured” horses, therefore expect to shell in the $400 plus range for one retail." 

We are extremely lucky to have been sent one of these beauties including his armor and his original box! 

This fellow's condition is hard to determine because he's fully armored.  We did not undress him, as his armor fits him tightly and we didn't want to risk tearing any tabs.  He looks to be in Excellent condition with the usual paint flaws Marx is known for on his socks and feet.  We can see visible seam glue all the way along his underside, but it's nearly invisible on normal display.  His armor is intact and although it has a bit of cardboard dust, appears in great condition.  He features wheeled feet, and even comes in his original cardboard box  which shows some moderate water and dirt spotting and tears to the top flaps, but is intact, colorful and protects him well. We are including pictures of the box as well as an overhead view of him in the box.

He will come unwrapped inside the box, since he fits into it snugly and there's no room for wrap.   This is an amazing opportunity for a collector who loves hard-to-find pieces!


Size: Approx 1:6 scale

Model #2086