Thunderbolt ~ Armoured Horse - Valour (Original UK Version w/ Box!)

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Marx horses are great vintage models, made beginning in the 1950s.  They are larger than Breyer at 1:6 scale, making them sought after not only by horse lovers but also by military model enthusiasts, who often require 1:6 scale horses to match their figures and accessories.  Valour is one of the original Marx Armoured Horses, made from 1968-1972.  He was the mount of Silver Knight Sir Stuart (who was sold separately by Marx) and wears silver armor to match Stuart's.

To make things even more interesting, US releases for Stuart's mount were palomino and the spelling on their boxes was "Valor."  Here we have the original UK version  - A Black horse with white mane and tail whose name on his box is spelled "Valour."  This makes him an even scarcer piece - One of the most-sought-after of the Marx equine models!

We are extremely lucky to have been sent one of these beauties including his armor and his original box! 

This fellow is in Excellent condition with no breaks chips or splits, and only light scuffs on his high points from touching the sides of his box all these years.  He has brown-painted eyes with no pupils - a little creepy, but kind of neat.  He comes with all but one piece of his armor... The left saddle plate section is missing.  (Perhaps someone with a 3D printer could make a replacement for you.)  His armor came to us tossed into the box with him, partially unassembled, so we'll bag the pieces for safety and let you reassemble them on arrival.  He even came to us still in his factory cardboard insert, and as you can see, his tail didn't want to come out of it, so we didn't force it... we took his pictures slightly awkwardly.  You can remove him from it or leave him in this factory position, showing that he has been only displayed in box.  He comes with his original box which is in really good shape for its age.

He will come unwrapped inside the box, just as he was sold, since he fits into it snugly and there's no room for wrap.   This is an amazing opportunity for a collector who loves really hard-to-find pieces!

 [Photo next to a Breyer Proud Arabian Stallion is for size reference. Breyer model is for sale separately.]


Size: Approx 1:6 scale

Model #2084