Thunderbolt, Bay with Buckboard Wagon

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This is a put-together set which displays well as it is, or could be a great horse and parts for you to build your own wagon from.


The horse is Marx's bay Thunderbolt (not originally sold with the buckboard).  He was only made from 1967-1975.  He is a 1:6 scale horse,about half again as big as most Breyer Traditionals (which are approx 1:9 scale).  Marx horses are sought after by many military miniaturists, since they often work in 1:6 scale.

His finish is very dull from wear, but since he's made from body colored plastic, you don't see any rubs.  He does have a lot of little marks which you may be able to clean up.  He arrived here fully harnessed, and since Marx strap keepers are notorious for tearing, we're not risking damaging them...  he'll be left harnessed for shipment, but don't worry, the harness is soft rubber and won't harm him.  I believe the harness is complete except for the driving reins.  Cord reins have been added somewhere along the line.  Also attached to the horse, via the harness, is the shaft assembly for the buckboard wagon. It is a one-piece assembly and the only damage noted is the end of one of the hooks is missing where it attaches to the buckboard, but it will still attach, and that shouldn't be noticeable when he's hitched up. 

Regarding the wagon, the wheels turn freely and while it's missing the seat, it comes with the seat springs and even the hard-to-find red plastic whip (which sells for over $25 by itself on eBay!).  One rear wheel had cracked on the rim and has been glued, nearly invisible unless you know to look for it.  This set will need to ship in a large box because of its size. 

Fully assembled, it is approximately 32" long.  It was too large for our photo booth - Hence the outdoor photos!  Separately, the wagon is approximately 17" long and the horse is 16" long.  (There are a couple inches of overlap when assembled for display.)  Note:  Horse seems to have a faint perfumy scent.


Size: Approx 1:6 scale

Model #5371