Thunderbolt ~ Destiny, Armoured Horse w/ Blue Armor

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Marx horses are great vintage models, made beginning in the 1950s.  They are larger than Breyer at 1:6 scale, making them sought after not only by horse lovers but also by military model enthusiasts, who often require 1:6 scale horses to match their figures and accessories. Destiny is a reissue of the 1960s Armored Horses produced beginning in 2001 (end date unknown).   He is grey with a white mane, tail, muzzle and socks (in Breyer terminology, we'd call the color "Smoke.")  He was made to go with Sir Brandon the Blue Knight.

Destiny originally came with metallic-looking blue armor. Tom Heaton of Vintage Toy Room, a Marx expert and reference book author, says he helped Marx choose this color for Destiny's armor, basing it on Dodge Dakota metallic blue, so his armor is based on truck paint!  According to Tom on his website, "The Blue Knights and horses are some of the better reissues."

This fellow is in Near Mint condition with the usual paint flaws Marx is known for.  He is painted over tan plastic, which shows through his body paint in places (see close-up).  I don't know how common this was - Did they reuse some of their palomino bodies?  He shows no noticeable rubs and very few, pinpoint stray marks. He does have visible seam glue on his rump seam, which is normal for this brand (and in a smaller area than most!).  

His armor appears Factory Mint and fully intact.  These are known for strap keepers splitting - I didn't notice any splits, but it's possible there may be some - They can be all but invisible except when trying to remove straps, and we removed as few as possible to remove the armor.  Originally, his armor was sent to us on the wrong horse, so we're happy to reunite him with it.  We will not tack him up as he'll be safer with his armor wrapped separately for safe travel.  Therefore, we've included a stock photo of the horse wearing the armor.


Size: Approx 1:6 scale

Model #unknown