Tiny Mite Arabian, Chestnut

Tiny Mite Arabian, Chestnut


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This little guy is one of Hartland's earliest Tiny Mites.  The "old mold" Arabian Stallion was produced in 1965 only.  The following year, the mold was retooled so the ears were molded attached to the mane instead of separated, and the new version also had a straight tail.  One can assume these tiny details may have been getting caught in the molding tool and causing them to loose a lot of horses to damage in production, so they made them simpler after the first year.  This old-mold fellow has separated ears and a curled tail tip.  He wears a rich chestnut coat with a flaxen mane and tail and lighter lower legs.

He is in Excellent condition with a chip off his left eartip and a tiny rub on his left barrel.  Other than that, he just needs a bath.  He features one of the better paint jobs for a Tiny Mite.  He is made of Tenite and wears a "F" inside one hind leg.  Being a single year run so far back, you can imagine how hard it is to find this original version!


Size:  Tiny Mite (approx 1:32 scale)

Model:  Mold #60 (releases were not individually numbered)

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