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Touch of Class, known to friends as Miss Kitty, was a 16-hand bay Thoroughbred mare who showed the boys how it's done.  Easily recognized by her dainty build, she was anything but dainty on the jumping course!  After a brief, unspectacular career in racing, she was bought and trained as a show jumper and found her life's calling.  She and her primary rider, Joseph Fargis, were on the Nation's Cup teams that brought home four big international wins around the world.  They then qualified for the 1984 Olympics, becoming part of that year's "Dream Team," and making history.  During the Olympics, Touch of Class became the first horse in history to jump two clear rounds, and ended with 90 of 91 jumps clear, bringing home two gold medals.  Her performance earned her the title of USOC Female Equestrian Athlete of the Year... The first time that award had been bestowed on a non-human!  She went on to have a successful breeding career as well, and was inducted into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame in 2000.

 Touch of Class with Joe Fargis aboard; Photo credit

[Touch of Class with Joe Fargis aboard; Photo credit]

Touch of Class was honored with a Breyer portrait sculpt in 1986, sculpted by the inequitable Chris Hess, as part of the Artist Series.  She wears Miss Kitty's solid legs and stripe, and was discontinued in this color in 1988.

This pretty girl is Near Mint with just a tiny, light rub (only through the shading layer) on her left hip.  She is a beautiful, realistic bay with lighter areas and shading.  She wears a high satin / semi-gloss finish, and no Breyer mold mark.  She comes with her original box and Artist Series pamphlet.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #420