Touch of Class ~ Rox Dene

Touch of Class ~ Rox Dene


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The amazing Dutch Warmblood / Thoroughbred-cross mare Rox Dene is often considered the epitome of the show jumper.  Her confirmation and jumping style were as close to flawless as can be hoped, and her talent was just as impressive.  She won almost every major USEF jumping competition during her career, before retiring to become a brood mare in the hope of passing along those spectacular genes.

Rox Dene Show Jumper

[Rox Dene; credit Rox Dene Facebook page]


Breyer's tribute model was produced just after her retirement in 1996 and was itself retired in 1998.  It is a highly unusual color pattern for Breyer, and quite possibly the best dappling to come out of the 1990s.  The dappling is concentrated under her belly and up her flanks and girthline, blending quickly into a white body.

This lady is still attached in her original box.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #952

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