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Trakehner – Abdullah, Limited Edition


  • $1995

Abdullah was called by many the best Trakehner ever to compete in Show Jumping.  Born in 1970, the great grey stallion competed internationally for 14 years, including winning the ATA Open Jumper Championship eight times, bringing home a Silver Medal for the US at the 1984 Olympics as well as contributing to the US Team Gold for that event.  He passed away from colic in 2000 at 29 years old.

Abdullah , Famous Trakehner Stallion

Breyer's portrait model on the Trakehner mold recreates Abdullah's coloring with light dappling on his fore- and hindquarters, shaded legs and face.  He also wears Abdullah’s two signature dark dapples on his neck.  He was the Limited Edition model for 1989.

This fellow is in Excellent condition, with just a small brown spot on the right side of his barrel.  He is also somewhat yellowed, a flaw that can be remedied with a few days in a sunny place.   


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #817