Trakehner, The Life Guards of the Queen's Household Cavalry

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This beautiful display set was a Limited Edition in 2003, and announced a new era of realism in tack and riders.  A lot of work went into these sets, which feature lots of costume and accessory pieces.  The set is presented in a hinged, window-front box suitable for display itself.  Only 5000 were created.

This beautiful set is still attached in its original box.  (I slid the outer box off to get detailed photos with no glare, then closed it back up again.)  Will you enjoy putting together his armor and displaying him out of box, or keep him in original condition in his box?  Either way, this is a first-rate set for the discriminating collector.  He comes with his box catalog and an instruction sheet for attaching the rider's armor properly.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #3368