Trotting Andalusian - Libretto Resin

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Magnificent is the only way to describe this stallion!  The Stablemate-scale Libretto Andalusian stallion resin was sculpted by Sarah Rose of Rose Studios in 2002.  Only 220 were produced.  They include a beautifully detailed mane and tail, arched neck and powerful trotting pose.  They came with a base that could be attached for safety or not, buyer's choice.

Customized by Nan Wagner, this Libretto features an exquisite sorrel coat with a hint of metallic sheen, subtle dappling, and gorgeous highlights.  His face is extraordinary, with lovely shading and a neat face marking.  He shows just one tiny blemish (closeup included).  He comes with his original base (although he doesn't require it to stand) which is removable and is signed and dated by Nan. 

He was completed on 2/22/02, which is pretty neat in itself!  We love sculpts like this - You just can't take a bad photo of them - He is gorgeous from every angle!  This little guy could easily become your next champion.


Size:  Stablemate