Trotting Draft Horse ~ Juli-ette

Peter Stone

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This spectacular dappled golden bay Clydesdale was a half-year release for Peter Stone from January to June of 2002.  She matches the second-half-year release "Romi-O," except for her gender and her loose mane with no bobs.

This beautiful lady is in Excellent condition with a scattering of pinpoint light rubs and tiny black marks on her left side.  Her right side is mostly clean. She has only one tiny rub all the way to plastic, and that's on the back of her left hock in the black, so it would be a cinch to touch up.  She features a beautiful rich body color with dorsal shading and some of the best, subtle dapples we've seen! 


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #:CD15000