Unipolis ~ Mini Unicorn Artist Resin - 1 of 1 w/ Extras!

Unipolis ~ Mini Unicorn Artist Resin - 1 of 1 w/ Extras!

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This is a unique one-of-five series resin created by Vincent Lange of da Vinci Creations. You may recognize Vincent's work already - He is the sculptor behind some of Schleich's beautiful new sculpts, including the Decorated Unicorn Mare, Moon Unicorn Stallion, and Sorraia Mustang Stallion!  He was also a special guest speaker at virtual Breyerfest 2021.

Originally cast as "Polaris," an American Miniature Horse performing on a stool with star decorations on his rump, Vincent recast a run of 5 and added horns to them to make them the most delightful little unicorns!  He gave them the tongue-in-cheek name Unipolis, a combination of unicorn and Polaris. 

This guy is unprepped resin with the Magic Sculpt horn added by his sculptor.  He's ready for you to customize into a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece.   He comes with lots of goodies, too, straight from Vincent:  a little wood base for him to stand adorably on top of, a padded Pony Pocket pouch (yes, that was fun to write and say!) made by Kitty Salz of Germany, with her business card, a color sticker of the sweet Miniature Horse Patrick, who was the reference for this sculpt, info card showing the five special unicorns in the series, four artistic postcards featuring Vincent's work, and Vincent's business card! 

With only 5 of these in the world, you can be sure this opportunity will never come again!

Size:  2.5" H x 4" L (slightly larger than Stablemate size)

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