United Clock Works Western Horse Mantel Clock

United Clock Works Western Horse Mantel Clock

United Clock Works

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This vintage "gold plate" horse mantel clock created by United Clock works of Brooklyn, NY.  While we don't know the date of production for this piece, United appears to have started in business in 1905 and continued until at least 1961.  Many of their larger clocks, like this one, were used by carnies as top-level carnival game prizes, and were nearly impossible to win, as games were commonly rigged in that era.  This piece is very similar both in size and style to the Breyer / Mastercrafters clocks of 1950 (but could predate them). 

The horse and clock are electroplated with golden chrome.  The horse includes molded-on tack and bead-chain reins.  The clock is an early electric piece with a stylish faceplate that reads "United - Self-starting" which indicates that it didn't need to be wound, probably dating it to fairly early in the electric clock era.  The base is solid wood, painted beige, and stamped on the back with United's item #315.     

This piece is in amazing display condition - By far the best we've seen!  Both horse and clock have nearly perfect finishes, still shiny, with no corrosion!  The horse's reins are intact, and the base is also in near-perfect condition, with its green felt underside intact as well.  The only condition defect is that the potentially almost Century-old electric cord's plastic coating has become brittle and is chipping off with every movement. Bare wire shows through in places, so if you wanted to make this a functional pieces again, you'd need to rewire it.  If you want it only for display, you'd be hard-pressed to find one in better condition!

This is a solid, heavy piece, weighing 9.1# when boxed to ship, so shipping cost will reflect that.


Size: 19" long by 15" tall by 8" deep when boxed to ship

United Clock Works Model #315

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