Valegro ~ Gold Medal Valegro


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The gorgeous Valegro sculpt has been given a golden coat to celebrate Dressage's top performer, who earned a gold medal again at  the 2016 Summer Olympics!  His repeat performance (he won gold in 2012 as well) has earned him this very special tribute - Only Secretariat has been honored by Breyer in this way until now.  He wears a beautiful metallic gold coat with shaded hooves, inner ears, and muzzle, and stands on a shiny black base. 

Only 3,000 were made and dealer quantities were limited to 12 each.  Ours sold out within a day, but we've just been lucky enough to purchase some from another dealer who must have forgotten they had them, so if you missed out in 2016, here's a very special opportunity to get one, still sealed in his box as he came from Breyer! 

 [Stock photos used.  Our very last one has a cracked box top (shown in last photo), but model is lovely!]


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1783