Valegro ~ Indu - Breyerfest SR

Valegro ~ Indu - Breyerfest SR


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Indu is a beautiful dapple grey on the Valegro mold.  He was a Special Run only available to 3-day ticket holders at Breyerfest 2017.  Only 800 were made.  The run was split between glossy and matte, although we don't know how many were made of each.

This fellow is the realistic Matte version (though he's more like satin).  He is Near Mint with two pinpoint white specks in the finish on his left barrel and two drag lines (not rubs, just shiny lines in the finish) on his right barrel.  He features well-blended dapples that do NOT look like drawn circles (except under his belly) and are more realistic than many we've seen.  He comes with his original base in Factory Mint condition.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711259

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