Vincenzo, Grey w/ Support Stand

Vincenzo, Grey w/ Support Stand


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This magnificent bowing Andalusian was sculpted by Brigitte Eberl.  Originally released as a 1:9 scale resin, many of us wished for him but couldn't afford him.  Now we can!  Through a special arrangement with Wia of Germany, he is now being produced in 1:18 scale in plastic!  The material is similar to CollectA, but feels smooth and strong.  It also provides a very slight flexibility, making them more durable than Breyer models, so they're suitable for children as well as adult collectors.  Each model is hand-painted, so slight variations occur, but their paint jobs are beautiful!  Vincenzo ships wrapped in plastic in a clear plastic clamshell package to protect his pointy bits and prevent his legs from bending.

This release on Vincenzo is done in grey, bearing a white coat with subtle grey shading and a hit of sheen in his mane and tail.  He sports a shaded muzzle with a snip and striped hooves.

These are new inventory, straight from the manufacturer to our store.  They now come with a WIA support stand specially designed to support his beautiful, thin legs!


Size:  1:18 scale, similar in size to CollectA and Schleich

Model #BE10010

Note:  If exposed to heat, like all rubber-plastic blends, his legs will bend...  However, the material used by WIA has a memory, so just heat him back up - no pulling or bending is required - and the legs will go back to their original position.  Run under cold water to cool and "set" them in place.

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