Warmblood, Dapple Grey - English Rider & Saddle Set


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The elegant SM Warmblood is a perfect fit for the English Rider & Saddle Set.  Made from 200-2004, the set includes a lovely dapple grey Warmblood, removable black saddle and bridle, and rider in English attire.  The horse is light grey with lots of dapples, darker mane, tail, and points, and white socks over grey feet.

The set is Factory Mint with one speck of overspray on his face.  The horse features lots of tiny dapples and muzzle shading.  He comes complete with his rider, saddle and bridle.  In the photo, you may notice that the headstall isn't pulled over his ears.  He came to us untacked, and as the bridle fits tightly, I didn't want to stretch it over his ears.  I'm sure it will pull over just fine, but taking it on and off several times will wear on it, so I've left it off and have wrapped his rider and tack separately from the horse for safe travel.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5204