Warmblood, Dapple Grey - English Rider & Saddle Set


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The elegant SM Warmblood is a perfect fit for the English Rider & Saddle Set.  Made from 200-2004, the set includes a lovely dapple grey Warmblood, removable black saddle and bridle, and rider in English attire.  The horse is light grey with lots of dapples, darker mane, tail, and points, and white socks over grey feet.

The set is Excellent condition with only yellowing on his right side marking him down.  It is strong in places, and he needs a little TLC.  Just put him in a sunny place for a few days and he'll brighten right up!  Won't you give him a chance to be handsome again?  He has lots of dapples, shaded muzzle and points over four socks, and comes with his rider, saddle, and bridle, all of which are Factory Mint. 


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5204