Weanling, Palomino - Black Horse Ranch Resin

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The respected Karen Grimm of Black Horse Ranch created her own line of sculptures in 1:9 scale, including this sweet Stock Horse Weanling.  Her models were produced in China in a resin/porcelain mixture that makes them very heavy and solid, yet fragile.  Each release was limited in quantity, and sine Karen sadly passed away a few years ago, there will be no more made. 

The Weanling is reported to have had 576 produced in seven colors, though it's not clear if that's 576 of each color or in total.  The palomino wears four neat socks and a little star, with a glossy finish.


This sweet weanling is Factory Mint, still wearing his made in China sticker.  He comes in his original box with styrofoam inserts to help keep him safe.  Due to their fragile nature, we ask that you not have us ship him in below-freezing weather.  He can be held here until temps warm up on his delivery journey, if necessary.



Size:  Traditional

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