Wells Fargo Stagecoach (Classic 1:12 Scale)

Curtis Anderson

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This realistic stagecoach model was created in authentically rustic style by Curt Anderson of Oregon.  It is a six-horse hitch with and has been carefully created to tell a story in the show ring or on display, something Curt excels at.  Anyone can build a "new-looking wagon," but each piece Curt makes is one of a kind and you can feel its history.  This piece represents a coach that Wells Fargo purchased from another coach company while their business was growing.  Layers of paint have been added and removed, showing that Wells Fargo removed the previous company's advertising and added their own signs, but they didn't take the time to repaint the whole wagon, as they needed it in service right away, so it shows remnants of the former owner's paint on the body, as well as normal road wear from its adventures. 

Curt insured it has lots of incredible details and little "hidden treasures" that all of his pieces contain.  This one includes movable door latches, a moving brake lever, a luggage chest that opens to reveal some goodies inside, even windows on the doors that open and close!  The body rests authentically on leather "slings" which were the high-end shock absorbers of their day, canvas window cover hang above the windows, and for the comfort of the passengers on a long trip, there's a newspaper and lantern inside!  For their protection, he has even provided a rifle for the driver.

Nearly every piece of this intricate build is handcrafted by Curt, including the wheels and Wells Fargo signs on the sides.  He has a great eye for such details and is quickly becoming one of the nation's finest model wagonsmiths!

The pole with whiffletrees is removable for transport.  When pole is attached, vehicle is almost two feet long.  It is designed so that it could easily have Breyer Classic sized models added for show or display, with individual whiffletrees with rings for each horse to be harnessed to.


[Horses not included.  Final photo shows it on display in our store, with other Curt Anderson pieces above and below.]


Size:  Classic (1:12 Scale)

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