Western All-Around Saddle and Bridle Set

Western All-Around Saddle and Bridle Set


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This is one of Breyer's earliest tack sets.  Sold as Western All-Around Saddle and Western Bridle, both parts are made of leather in a vintage design.  The saddle features a metal horn, latigo-stitched rear skirt, and both front and rear cinches.  It originally also included a braided leather breast collar.  Bridle is made of matching leather with snaffle bit rings and long reins tied in a knot at the end.  This set was only produced from 1979-1986.

This set is Near Mint, marked down only for normal age-darkening of foam padding on saddle's underside.  Set includes both front and rear cinches, braided breast collar, and matching snaffle bridle.


 Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #2655

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