Western Horse, Black Pinto w/ Blue Ribbon Sticker


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Breyer's Western Horse was available in black pinto only from 1954-1973.  Being so long retired, finding one in good condition for your collection can be a challenge.  He wears rounded white pinto markings in the same pattern that he shares with the sorrel pinto release, four socks, white mane, black tail with a white tip, and airbrushed bald face.  They saw some changes during their run, mainly to their saddles, which went from high-rivet snap saddles to low-rivet snap saddles, to slip-on saddles, during their time.  When a saddle is present, it can help date the model.

This guy is in Excellent condition with no serious rubs.  He has minor yellowing and a dirty rump (you can see where the saddle covered and where it didn't) that may clean off.  He has some light scratches from his saddle coming on and off, but none go through to plastic, tiny rubs on his right barrel and flank, eartip rubs, and some pinpoint ones on his hooves and top of tail.  His biggest "issue" is the dirty rump, so if you can clean him up, he'll be beautiful.  He comes with his original reins and slip-on saddle, and is a blue ribbon model who still wears most of his blue ribbon sticker!


Color:   Rather crisp markings with little overspray, very little white in his tail, black eyes, lighter inner ears.
Finish:  Semi-gloss
Reins:   Bracelet-link
Saddle: Slip-On saddle with heavy grey shading (dates him to 1968-1973)


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #55