Western Horse, Chestnut Pinto w/ Saddle

Western Horse, Chestnut Pinto w/ Saddle


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Breyer's Western Horse was available in palomino pinto only from 1954-1966.  Being so long retired, finding one in good condition for your collection can be a challenge.  He wears rounded white pinto markings in the same pattern that he shares with the black pinto release, four socks, white mane, chestnut tail with a white tip, and airbrushed bald face.  They saw some changes during their run, mainly to their saddles, which went from high-rivet snap saddles to low-rivet snap saddles during their time.  When a saddle is present, it can help date the model.

This guy is in Very Good condition with no breaks, chips or splits.  He has a lot of tiny rubs and some light scuff marks overall, and a lot of paint loss on his hooves.  He features light gold eyes, nostril and muzzle shading, and it appears that only the left side of his breastcollar got gold accents - The right appears completely unpainted.  He comes with his original chain reins.  No mold mark.  His saddle arrived here separately and will be sent with him.  It is missing one stirrup, which someone had tried previously to reattach, adding two holes in the bottom of the stirrup fender.  It needs a wash, but it is a vintage, low-rivet, snap-cinch saddle with its cinch intact.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #56

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